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Don’t Let My Personal Discipline Issue Be Your Issue…

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Even a disciplined trader, and I’m proud to say I am one, can hold on to a mental/emotional issue or two that needs constant attention. I’m being open here, so I’ll just tell you what happened yesterday. A couple of weeks ago, I called Tisha into my trading den to show her the daily chart […]

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One Sentence To Live By As A Trader…

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In the world of Twitter, where we are limited to the number of characters we can communicate with (all in the spirit of ‘getting to the point’, I thought… “If I had to limit my advice to a trader to one sentence, where that sentence would reflect the heart of proper (winning) trader behavior, what […]

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Happy Holidays from Norman and Tisha Hallett and the Disciplined Trader

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Tisha and I would like to wish you a simple, “Happy Holidays!” **When you become a member of the Disciplined Trader Mastery Program, you get access to the entire 100 “LIFE” subconscious training sessions: How have you grown in 2015? Please comment below…  Read the full video script:  Norman Hallett here and I just want […]

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What You THINK is What You GET – Week 203

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In this drill, I cover how to change your thinking to change your reality. Learn how the RIGHT KIND of messages to your subconscious mind create behavior that SERVES you as a trader. Let us know how you have changed your life by thinking…  Read the full video script:  Hi! Norman Hallett here with your […]

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Acres of Diamonds – Week 202

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In this 4-Minute Drill, I go over the famous essay “Acres of Diamonds” and how each one of you are already standing on your own acres of diamonds. Have you found your own Acres of Diamonds?  Please comment below…  Read the full video script:  Hi! Norman Hallett here with your next 4-Minute Drill for Traders. […]

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Am I Doing More Harm Than Good? – Week 201

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I ask the question, “Am I doing more harm than good with these 4-Minute Drills for Traders?” What do you think? More harm? Are my drills doing you harm?  Please comment below…  Read the full video script:  It occurred to me today that I actually may be doing more harm than good to traders with these […]

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