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Dear Trading Friend,

This is Norman Hallett, and I’d like to ask you a simple question.

Have you ever found it difficult to control your emotions when trading, and as a result, taken big losses?

Or have you ever hesitated to make the right moves that could have led to big profits?

If so, I’ve got great news, and here’s why . . .

Whether you trade stocks, options, commodities, or Forex, there’s never been a better time for making money trading the financial markets.

And, there are many profitable trading systems available with proven track records.

But there’s one BIG problem . . .

Norman Hallett, The Disciplined Trader
Norman Hallett, The Disciplined Trader

Even Though You Have a Great Trading System, You Can Still Lose Money!

You’ve done your homework. You’ve spent countless hours seeking out the right guru or developing your own trading system.

You’ve spent weeks (and even months) monitoring daily trading picks, paper trading, or even back-testing your own system.

You are now prepared, confident, and ready to put real money on the line.

Here comes your first trade signal.  You make the trade and . . . you take a loss.

Not a problem. You understood from the beginning that successful traders win and lose, and losing is just a part of the game. So you move on–still confident.

But then . . .

You Make Your Next Trade And Take Another Loss!

This one hurts your pride a little because you stopped out early, and then, the market rebounded.

And, it would have hit your profit target if you weren’t stopped out.

So, you double check, and yep, you placed the stop where your trading system told you to place it.

You’re wounded–but resilient.

OK, here comes your next trade signal, and it looks good.

It’s a little more risky than the previous trades, but you love the profit potential.  So, with a smile on your face, you place the trade.

It’s doing well!  You feel great, and now you move your stop to break even.

Then, all of a sudden, there’s a surprise piece of news, and the market reverses.

It blows through your stop, and you’re taken out with a larger than expected loss.

So, now you wonder . . .

Is Something Wrong With My Trading System?

Has the overall market personality changed, making all your previous back testing irrelevant?

Your confidence turns to doubt, so you decide to just watch the next trade.

I mean, isn’t it wise to make sure that the system you’re running is on track before throwing good money after bad?

So, you just watch this trade, and it wins . . . of course.

Now you beat yourself up, because when you started your live trading, you promised yourself to take the first ten trades–no matter what.

And here you are. You wimped out and missed a big winner.

What happened?

Well, what’s happened is that . . .

You’re Out of Control!

Your emotions are ruling your trading.

Well, what if there is a better way?

Yes, what if there is a way to rein in these emotions, and immediately and dramatically increase your winning trade percentage?

And what if it is simple, easy, and only takes minutes per day?

The good news is now you can get the unstoppable mental and emotional edge that professional traders have; and I can show you how.

But first, it’s important to really understand something.

Here’s Exactly Why You’re Losing Money While Using A Winning Trading System

In the course of my 35 years as a professional trader, trading coach, and Registered CTA (Commodities Trading Advisor), I’ve helped thousands of traders to make the transition from losing to profitability.

And I’m confident I can help you too.

Let me explain.

I’ve discovered six main reasons why traders lose money, even if they’re using a winning trading system:

  • First, they miss trades they should have taken.
  • Second, they hesitate to pull the trigger when their system gives them the signal.
  • Third, they place trades based on false fear instead of just following their trading plan.
  • Fourth, they let occasional and necessary losses shake their confidence.
  • Fifth, they second-guess their trades—or themselves.  And, . . .
  • Sixth, they doubt they have what it takes to be a top-notch trader.

If you’ve been trading for any time at all, I’m sure that one or more of these ring true to you.

But, it’s not your fault.

You just haven’t been shown that there’s a better and saner way to trade.

That’s why I’ve created . . .

So, the good news is my complete step-by-step “Disciplined Trader Mastery Program” meets all of these ten goals I set for myself as an instructor, which will help you meet your goals as a trader!

Let me show you what you get with my fast-results program:

“The Disciplined Trader Mastery Program”

This is, by far, the most complete and easy-to-use system I’ve ever released. It can transform any trader from a losing trader to a mentally-tough, disciplined trader with unshakable confidence and flawless execution.

I’m going to show you exactly what you get when you become a student of this program; but first, let me share the 10 goals I set when developing this program.

  • First, I wanted to show traders how to build and follow a trading plan. I also wanted to share the trading philosophy and psychology of some of the world’s top traders.
  • Second, I wanted to share state-of-the-art strategies related to risk and money management, including how to define the appropriate levels of risk, how to handle position sizing, how to use volatility based stops, and how to prevent account blow-ups.
  • Third, I wanted to teach the importance of journaling—teaching the structure of a good journal, and sharing multiple examples of effective journaling.
  • Fourth, I wanted to teach traders the importance of viewing trading as a business and key strategies for managing, planning, delegating, controlling, and directing your business, whether your a single-person trader or have a support team.
  • Fifth, I wanted to share with traders how to muster the emotional strength to pull the trigger when their trading system told them to do so–so they can stop missing and chasing trades.
  • Sixth, I wanted to share with traders how to overcome thoughts of fear and greed; and further, how to be true to your tested trading plan, and how to follow it perfectly.
  • Seventh, I wanted to share how to develop a trading-to-make-money mindset, and further, how to frame your trading as a personal enterprise, so you never take inappropriate risks.
  • Eighth, I wanted to share how to develop the emotional strength to take losses. This would include issues like holding on to a trade for too long, or inappropriately moving stops.
  • Ninth, I wanted to share the importance of exercising patience in waiting for the best trading setups to develop. And . . .
  • Tenth, I wanted to share some special mental exercises that have helped thousands of my students become better traders.

Let’s Go Step-By-Step Through The Program…

Step 1: The Basics Session

Session 1: “Building and Running Your Trading Plan” with Vad Graifer, Our Hired-Gun Specialist #1

Session 1 is the first of four sessions in the Basics Series. Let me first say, although you may assume you know the basics, you don’t want to be wrong about that, because if you don’t have sound basics in these four areas, you’ll find that it’s almost impossible to achieve your trading goals.

So, in this first session, you’ll learn about “Building and Running Your Trading Plan.”

Seriously, what good is it to have a discipline regime if you don’t have a trading plan you trust?

If you have a difficult time pulling the trigger on trades, then please understand–having a solid trading plan you believe in is the single most important first step in the right direction.

You’ll love this session!

I Want To Learn The Secrets of Building and Running My Trading Plan

Next up is . . .

Key Lessons In Session 1

  • Trading Philosophy
  • Trading Psychology
  • Creating Your Trading System

Session 2: “Risk and Money Management” with Paul King, Our Hired-Gun #2

In this second Basics Series session, you’ll discover how to employ proper “Risk and Money Management” in your trading plan. Out of the four lessons in our Basics Series, you’ll want to pay special attention to this one.

Why? Because the majority of traders are currently failing in this area.

If you can’t manage your risk, then you’re opening yourself up to the greatest enemy of the successful trader and that’s the blowout trade – the trade that strips you of a big chunk of your trading equity in one big move against you.

Remember, this is one of the most important sessions and deserves special attention.  So, listen carefully and take lots of notes!

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Next up is . . .

Key Lessons In Session 2

  • The Simple Game of Trading
  • Levels of Risk
  • Position-sizing
  • Determining Individual Risk Comfort Levels
  • Using Volatility-Based Stops
  • Preventing Blow-ups

Session 3: “Journaling Ideas & Techniques” with Al Abaroa, Our Hired Gun #3

Now we’re moving into Session 3 of your Basics Series. You’ll have the basics of building and running your trading plan under your belt by now. So now,  it’s time to do your all-important introspection.

That’s exactly what journaling does for you.  To make sure you have all the basics about journaling in place, we’ve got one of the best experts in journaling on the planet to help you–Al Abaroa.

When we talk about journaling we’re talking about not only recording and breaking down your trades, but we’re also talking about doing some self-analysis.  You’ve got to be honest with yourself when it comes to your journaling.  You will learn both why and how.

It’s a private endeavor that will improve your trading results tenfold if you practice self-honesty.

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Key Lessons In Session 3

  • Structure of a Good Journal
  • Examples of an Effective Journaling
  • Consistency in Discipline
  • Your Journaling Action Plan

Session 4: “Trading is a Business” with Joe Ross, Our Hired Gun #4

In the fourth and final session of our Basics Series, you’ll learn about framing what you do as a trader. Too many traders are nonchalant about their purpose as a trader.  Make no mistake about it; you’re in business–the business of making money with your money.

You need to get that relationship clear in your mind.  And there’s nobody in the trading Universe better to get your brain “there” than the great Joe Ross, who wrote the book on the topic.  His “Trading is a Business,” is one of the most important books on my personal bookshelf.

Joe’s been trading for over 50 years, longer than most of you’ve been alive, so when I talk about “an experienced trader,” well–you get my point.  And don’t be fooled by his grandfatherly, gravelly voice.  Joe, although nurturing, is intensely serious about getting you focused and getting you serious about how you frame what you do as a trader.

Bottom line–trading is a business, and Joe defines exactly what that means in this session.

So, that’s it for the four lessons in our Basic Series.

I’m Ready To Step Up and Treat My Trading As a Business

Next up are the Core Modules.

Key Lessons In Session 4

  • Profitable Trading In Today’s Markets
  • Expectations
  • Management, Plan, Delegate, Control, Direct
  • And Much More!

And Now, Step 2:  Your Core Modules

Key Lessons In Module 1

  • Subconscious Training: Strength To Pull The Trigger.
  • Strength To Pull The Trigger – Stop missing trades. Stop chasing trades.
  • Affirmations: Strength To Pull The Trigger
  • Trading Journal Primer
  • Special Report: How To Pull The Trigger Without Hesitation Every Time.

Module 1: “Your Strength To Pull The Trigger”

You’ve completed the Basics of your training (don’t worry, we’re only talking about 7 minutes a day!) to become a Disciplined Trader, and it’s time to ramp things up to the next level.  Now we begin the first of Six Core Modules, and we call these “Core Modules” because at the heart of these modules are the subconscious and conscious trainings you will do on a daily basis.

Each of the Core Modules teaches you how to overcome the most perplexing mental and emotional challenges for traders–one challenge at a time.

For starters, in module 1, we face the issue of “Your Strength To Pull The Trigger.”

If you can’t pull the trigger when your trading plan commands you to do so, then you miss trades, chase trades, and lose control.

But by practicing this “Strength To Pull The Trigger” subconscious training once, or even twice a day, you build new neuro-pathways in your brain to promote the right messages.

In addition, we’ve given you a journaling primer, so you can start journaling right away.

And last, but not least, we give you a special report on “How To Pull The Trigger Without Hesitation Every Time,” to give you some additional guidance in this important area.

I Want To Learn How To Pull The Trigger Without Hesitation –  Click Here

Moving on into …

Key Lessons In Module 2

  • Subconscious Training: Overcoming Thoughts of Fear and Greed.
  • Affirmations: Overcoming Thoughts of Fear and Greed.
  • Q&A TeleConference – Discussing the Subconscious Mind
  • E-Book: “How To Design and Construct an Effective Trading Plan”
  • Interview with Adam Hewison, Former Floor Trader and President of
  • Q&A Forum Report: Trading Plan

Module 2: “Overcoming Thoughts of Fear and Greed”

After a series of winning trades, greed can rear its ugly head; often we are tempted to take on a larger position than usual–trying to take advantage of the roll we seem to be on.  And that’s usually not a good idea.

The best idea, and in our opinion–the only idea, is to stick to the exposure levels stated in your trusted trading plan.  Conversely, many traders become timid in their trading following a streak of losing trades, and they veer from the plan.  The fear of continuing to lose stops us from taking the next trading risk.

If we hesitate, we usually miss the big winner that would have gained all our losses back and then some!

You can’t be greedy, and you can’t be fearful.  You must only be one thing: be true to your tested trading plan.  Do what your trading plan commands you to do, and that’s it.

This core module also contains a Q&A teleconference recording of a past online class where Tisha Hallett, (my wife and creative director of The Disciplined Trader) and I fielded questions about how the mind works and how these mental trainings work to give you the permanent positive changes you seek.

I’ve also included in this module my eBook titled, “How To Design and Construct A Successful Trading Plan.”  Again, what good is having a great disciplined regime if you don’t have a trustworthy trading plan to follow?

In this module, you’ll also find an interview I did with former floor trader and current owner of, Adam Hewison. I quiz him on his personal take on how to stay disciplined. It is short but very enlightening.  You’ll also find the written transcript in the module.

Rounding out this second core module is the Q&A report on building and running your trading plan.  In our Disciplined Trader training and support program, our students ask questions directly to our experts on important trader discipline topics. And in this report, we pulled out the “meat” of those questions and answers and arranged them neatly for you.

Learn How To Overcome Thoughts of Fear and Greed

Now we come to . . .

Learn from the Candle Stick Charting Master, Steve Nison

Module 3: “Trading To Make Money”

In this module, we concentrate on two things.

First, getting your mind straight on the fact that as a trader, you’re here to make money, to make a profit in your trading business. And second, getting more detailed on your implementation of proper risk and money management in your trading plan.

If you glance at the contents of this module, you’ll see your next subconscious training and matching affirmation training which I titled, “Trading To Make Money.” You see, it is imperative that you frame your trading as a business in which you operate to make a profit.

A long-term business doesn’t take inappropriate risks.  Risks are taken in trading, as in any business, but not the kind of risks that threaten the very existence or viability of the business.

Also, in this module, you’ll have access to the recording of a very revealing interview I did with Candlestick Charting master, Steve Nison, where again (as always) we talk about not just technical trading, but Steve’s personal approach to  successful trading discipline.

Another key element of this module is the Q&A report on “Employing Proper Risk and Money Management.”  Go ahead; scan all the primary questions about risk and money management asked by students of the online Disciplined Trader training and support program and then answered by our master of risk management, Paul King.

And lastly, I’ve given you a copy of one of my favorite books ever, “The Power of Concentration,”by Theron Q. DuMont. Although this book was written in 1918, almost a century ago, the truths that DuMont relates are timeless and his principles are directly related to being the Disciplined Trader. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do.

I’m Ready To Buy “The Disciplined Trader Mastery Kit.”

Next up is . . .

Key Lessons In Module 4

  • Subconscious Training:“Strength To Take Your Losses”
  • Affirmation: “Strength To Take Your Losses”
  • Interview with Ray Barros, Professional Trader, Fund Manager, and Educator on “Keeping A Trading Journal”
  • Special Report: “Trader’s Guide to Dominating The Fear of Losing”
  • Q & A Report: Journaling Tips and Techniques

Module 4: “The Strength To Take Your Losses”

In Core Module 4, we concentrate on taking your losses in stride, along with more on journaling. The subconscious training in this module is titled, “The Strength To Take Your Losses,” which is a skill that’s needed to keep your positive expectancy high.

We’ve all heard the expression that taking losses are just part of your overall winning. So if we know this logically, why is it so difficult to take those losses? Well, this difficulty can result from a number of factors: fear, ego, greed, and more. No matter what the reason is, you find yourself holding on to positions longer than your trading plan dictates, or moving stops around so you don’t get hit, or using mental stops.

Our subconscious training is your remedy.

Also in this module, notice the interview I conduct with the great Ray Barros. Ray runs a very large fund and is one of the top traders in the Eastern part of the world.  Many of you have heard of Ray, but you may not know that he’s a very serious journal writer.  Ray spends an hour a day journaling, and he tells you why in this interview.

To cap off this module, we’re giving you a Q&A write-up of the questions asked by our training and support students and then answered by none-other than Al Aboroa–our resident expert on journaling.  If you learn to analyze yourself, (what you’re doing right, what you need to improve) you will improve each day as a trader; and that truly is the way of the wise and Disciplined Trader.

And then there’s the special report I wrote on “Dominating Your Fear of Losing.”  Many of my students consider this one of my top special reports I’ve ever written.  So go ahead and read it at your leisure.

I Want To Learn What Ray Barros Has To Say – Click Here

Moving on . . .

Key Lessons In Module 5

  • Subconscious Training: “Exercising Patience”
  • Affirmations: “Exercising Patience”
  • EBOOK – “Thought Vibration” by William Walker Atkinson, written in 1906
  • Q & A Report: Trading As A Business

Module 5: “Exercising Patience”

Module 5 holds the key to making a quantum leap forward in your trading because this Module’s subconscious training is “Exercising Patience”–a quality, when implemented fully, results in you taking less trades, but making better trades.

Every trading system has higher probability setups than other setups. And you’ll know what the higher probability setups are if you just look through your past trades.

This mental training session will help you gravitate towards A trades and A+ trades and help you exercise the patience to wait for those high probability setups to occur.  Learn to wait for these great trade setups with high reward potential and low risk potential, triggered by high probability setups–and you’ll gain an A+ profit.

Also in this module, I’ve given you a copy of another classic that should be on every Disciplined Traders virtual bookshelf: William Walker Atkinson’s book“Thought Vibration,” written in 1906. All I’m going to say about this book is that Atkinson was way ahead of his time, and the information in this book is fabulous.

In the last, but certainly not least portion of this module, you’re going to have the opportunity to learn from one of the very best minds in trading, Joe Ross, as he answers questions on “framing your trading as a business.”  He is not talking about how to incorporate a business, but about how to think as a businessperson–which you are!  This information is not to be missed.

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Which brings us to the final module . . .

Key Lessons In Module 6

  • Subconscious Training:“Sustaining Discipline”
  • Affirmations: “Sustaining Discipline”
  • Special Online Training:“The Law of Manifestation”

Module 6: “Sustaining Discipline”

This module was designed to help you pull all the core attributes together into one big finale. In your subconscious training, “Sustaining Discipline,” it’s all about the long-term–the realization of your goal to be a wise and disciplined trader.

Also included in this module is a special mental exercise. Our students have actually rated it as “the best mental training” Tisha Hallett, our Creative Director, has ever put together. It’s called “The Law of Manifestation,” and you’re going to love it. It’s about manifesting what you desire by using the power of your mind.  It’s very powerful.

I Need To Sustain Discipline in My Trading – Click Here To Buy Now

In addition to all the training modules . . .

And Here Are Some Valuable BONUSES


. . . that you’ll receive as part of the Disciplined Trader Mastery Program.

First off, you’ll receive my 106 page master report,“97 Real World Journaling Examples.”

Many traders have heard about the power of journaling, but don’t know where to start. Here are 97 examples, taken straight from the journal pages of some of our top students and trading friends.

In addition, I’ve included 3 of my most popular research reports to help you continue developing your mental and emotional discipline. Including . . .

  • Becoming A Full Time Trader Are You Ready?
  • Developing Focus Essential To Your Trading Success, and . . .
  • Determining Your Reality As A Trader.

You’ll also receive my special “Trader’s Quiz,” which will help you measure your progress on your way to becoming the complete Disciplined Trader.

In addition to everything else so far, I’m also going to give you access to something I’m extremely excited about.

I’m Ready – Let’s Get Going!

OK, so let’s look at …

Valuable Bonuses

  • 97 Real World Journaling Examples
  • Developing Focus Essential To Your Trading Success
  • Becoming a Full-Time Trader, Are You Ready?
  • Determining Your Reality As A Trader
  • Traders Quiz

The Value of What You’re Getting

But before I do, make sure you stay with me until the end of this presentation, because I have a special deal for you that I think you’re going to like.

First, you get access to the four sessions in our Basic Series:

  • “Building and Running Your Trading Plan” with Vad Graifer
  • “Risk and Money Management” with Paul King
  • “Journaling Ideas & Techniques” with Al Abaroa
  • “Trading is a Business” With Joe Ross

Each of these sessions could easily sell for $300 each, or $1,200 for the entire Basics Series.  In fact, I know of many programs like this that sell for much more than this, but frankly, our lessons are far superior.

Next, you get the six Core Modules:

  • “Your Strength To Pull The Trigger”
  • “Overcoming Thoughts of Fear and Greed”
  • “Trading To Make Money”
  • “The Strength To Take Your Losses”
  • “Exercising Patience”
  • “Sustaining Discipline”

Again each of these sessions could easily sell for $300 each, or $1,800 for the entire set of six Core Modules.

You also get “97 Real World Journaling Examples,” the Bonus Materials, the three special reports and the Trader’s quiz valued at $197.

What You’re Getting







That’s A Total Value Of Over $3,000!

But because I want to give EVERY TRADER the opportunity to have total mental and emotional control when you trade and achieve the kind to financial independence and family security that other successful traders have achieved, I invite you to join The Disciplined Trader community…

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Here are just a few of our hundreds of . . .


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Eliminate Your Emotion-Based Losses, and Quickly Achieve Your Goal of Becoming a Consistently-Profitable Trader

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