And The Winner of the Scholarship to The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program IS…

First of all… thank you for all the great posts… commenting on Tisha’s 3 Audios.

I promised to award a Scholarship to a trader whose comments inspired US in our quest to really get traders disciplined.

Well, there were SO MANY great comments… but we did finally narrow it down… to TWO!  So we decided to award two scholarships.
And here are the winners…

JOHN KELLY, who was one of the first commenters, saying…

“I have invested in many systems and followed several traders over several years, trading real money in stocks, options and forex. Your audio tapes give me hope, as you describe all the emotions that I have experienced, and knowing I am not alone, or an idiot, gives me faith to continue on the road of becoming a successful trader. It)s not until you have traded without stops, entered without a strategy to exit, been a gunslinging gambler, thrown away your system in the thrill of  the seat of the pants moment, sweated bullets as you rode a trade waiting for it to come back, and it doesn’t, that you begin to appreciate the absolute value of having a system of proven trading rules, but EQUALLY IMPORTANTLY the personal trading DISCIPLINE to follow it.

If the trigger doesn’t get pulled, nothing happens and your tapes tell me I am not alone in the fear of doing the wrong thing. Now that I have learned the hard way how to lose money, and now that I have stopped live trading while I figure my head out, and convince my wife (god bless her long suffering patience) that I can succeed, I would really value having the chance to participate in the Disciplined Trader
Intensive Programme. It sounds like it will be the key to developing the confidence to get my trading restarted the right way and helping me achieve success by getting my decisions and emotions under control.

I have followed Norm Hallett’s writing on trading discipline for some time, and he has helped me with a personal email response, so I figure his Programme should be the real deal. I would also like to promote the programme on my blog, as a participating student.
Thanks for this opportunity.  I live in New Zealand, in order to trade the international markets I need to get up early or stay up late. Being on this programme will really make a difference to my trading, and my family’s future. At the moment I work 3hrs away from my home, so I get to see my family only on the weekends, while I live in rented accomodation through the work week. Becoming a successful trader would allow me to work from home, and winning this scholarship would really make a difference to my life.Thanks Norman and Thanks Tisha.”

AND WINNER #2 .. KEN H. , who penned…

“The comments about the quarter, milk money sent a wave of emotion for me, the loss of my late wonderful mother, past losses and the emotions that still lie below the surface. After a law enforcement career which ended abruptly with a broken neck, I have studied the market, taken courses, practiced  trades but still have not overcome that inner tug that never wants to lose. I am an educated survivor who is in search of that missing something in my inner self…the short few moments listening to those three tapes touched something.”

Please join me saying, CONGRATULATIONS JOHN AND KEN.
And thank you all again for taking time to share your thoughts and comments about YOUR trading discipline.

By the way…If you haven’t yet put your name on the VIP List so that you can be the first one to see the details of The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program and get a chance at early-bird registration (it’s Monday!), please do so here… Tap Here To Get VIP Notification

Good trading do you and HAPPY EASTER!

PS: I always have extra surprises for VIPs!

My best,

Norman Hallett, CEO

Subconscious Training Corp.


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